Stark Naked Productions is known for creative casting for each project our clients bring us. We see it as the “thrill of the hunt”.  When you work in New York, one of the most diversified, multi-cultural and talent driven cities in the world there is no limit to the people you can find.  We are passionate about the importance of casting. Finding actors and introducing them to our clients during the audition process is the most exciting part of casting.

We understand our client’s needs and each project has our full dedication. Whether it’s commercials, television, theater, film, voice-over or real people the goal is still the same and it’s to bring those characters or concepts that are on the page and breath life into them with the best actors available. I think it’s the most pivotal part of casting because without the right actors the rest of the creative team doesn’t have anyone to direct, say the words, style or light. It starts with casting and it evolves into the project it is meant to be. Our style of casting has always been open, diversified and edgy and with todays social media tools there are no boundaries. We can cast beyond our geographical area and bring the best talent to your project.

With years of experience Elsie Stark is dedicated to the art of casting without boundaries or limitations.


Elsie Stark was featured on The Spirited Actor podcast talking about her work.